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Welcome to Newton Hvidovre!

Newton Hvidovre offers children and young people exciting and educational experiences in Denmark's first Newton Room.

The room opened in 2015 and offers the module "Robots and Mathematics I + II" for 5.-7. class students.

In addition, we have a joint course "Engia", which addresses 8.-9. class students. The course extends over 2 days in the period 9.00-14.00.

Based on LEGO minstorm's EV3 robots, students must experiment and solve problems in science, technology, mathematics and IT. The students' solutions to the specific challenges include design, construction, programming, communication, problem solving, creativity and collaboration.

The goal is to learn science and technology through exciting and engaging activities, and thus be motivated and inspired to seek more knowledge.

Description of module "Robots and mathematics"

Before you come to visit, you have, in your teaching, talked about what circumference is, solved tasks, and learned different methods for calculating / measuring circumference.

In the Newton Room, students are given a brief introduction to robots and programming before students build the robot they will use in the practical work.

The groups work at their own pace with the tasks. Students work varied with measurement, calculation, discussion, programming and experiments. One of the last tasks is a competition where they have to use the knowledge and experience they have acquired during the day.

We are very proud of our Newton Room and look forward to welcoming you and giving you great experiences with science and learning through practical activities.


Moduler i dette Newton-rommet

Engia dag 1

Newton-modul nr. 1870

Robotter og matematik

Newton-modul nr. 1611

Robotter og matematik II Under pilotering!

Newton-modul nr. 1789


Sofie Kongsbach Larsen
Risbjergvej 10-20
Tlf: 20 23 43 13




Risbjergskolen, Hvidovre Danmark


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